About Steve Hollier

Steve is a traveller, a writer and photographer. Born in London to a Greek Cypriot father and an English mother, he is proud to have a foot in two cultures. He considers himself a European.

After a career in arts and cultural development work, Steve retrained as a landscape and garden designer then in 2007 moved to Cairo with his partner Sandra, a teacher in international schools.

In 2008 he moved to Namibia where he worked with the British Council and since August 2010 has been based in Baku, Azerbaijan where he writes for AZ magazine http://www.az-magazine.com/, a lifestyle and cultur magazine for expatriots and others…


5 Responses to About Steve Hollier

  1. Tony says:

    do they still throw English emissaries down holes when they don’t convert to Islam ?

    • Tim says:

      If you’re talking about Azerbaijan, then no. They’re not even strong muslims and have a very Christian past. I’ve lived there myself for 5 years.

  2. Jack says:

    Hi steve, I found your blog looking for infos about the spomenik and I really liked it!
    Travelling throughout your site I saw you talked many times of baku and i was wondering if you could explain me who the statues of the Nizami Literature Museum represent.


    • stevehollier says:

      Hi Jack,
      The statues represent the following writers:
      Fizuli (1494 -1556) – sculptor: O.Abdurrakhmanov
      Vagif (1717-1797) – sculptor: J.Garyagdi
      Akhundov (1812-1878) – sculptor: P.Sabsay
      Natavan (1832-1897) – sculptor: Y.Tripolskaya
      Mammadguluzade (1866-1932) – sculptor: N.Zakharov
      Jabarli (1899-1934) – sculptor: S.Klyatskin

      Glad you enjoy the posts!

  3. Orkhan says:

    Amazing articles..Keep the good work i hope you have time to visit other regions of beautiful Azerbaijan.

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