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Baku State of Mind – Eurovision 2012 Azerbaijan

My friend Tim released the attached youtube video, that went viral a few hours after release on youtube. What do you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4-U6TGX1T4     Advertisements

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Baku Days: Azerbaijan the Beautiful…

I’m a little concerned that recently, a lot of negative press about Azerbaijan has emerged in the media. Much of this, since the country won Eurovision a few days ago. Yes, there are issues to be addressed. Yes, there is … Continue reading

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Baku Days: Myth – It’s harder to get a visa to visit Azerbaijan, than to obtain one for the UK

One of the perennial frustrations of life as an ex-pat, revolves around obtaining visas or residency permits for your country of choice. Without such a document you just can’t work or live there. In some places they are easy to … Continue reading

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