William and Catherine: The top-five worst memorabilia

I would like to invite you to the wedding of  his Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, K.G. with Miss. Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on Friday 29th April, 2011, at 11am. Please find your invitation attached to this post. Just print it out, cut round the edges and present at the door… Ah, how democratic that would be! Oh well, I suppose the uninvited will have to make do with some of the “tasteful” memorabilia now available online, in your local shops or down the market.

Why not buy a replica Kate Middleton Engagement Ring? This solid sterling silver, with a simulated sapphire at its center and 14 flawless simulated diamonds is just the thing to show off at your local Wills and Cate street party! A snip at $59.99.

 Time to lie back and think of England “To celebrate the engagement of Prince William of Wales to Ms. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Crown Jewels [Condoms of Distinction] has commissioned a unique heritage edition Royal Wedding Souvenir boîte de capotes.

Combining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be, Crown Jewels condoms promise a royal union of pleasure. Truly a King amongst Condoms”.  Unfortunately, these have been so popular, the company is currently out of   stock…

Knit your own Royal Wedding!

“Fiona Goble’s lovely and humourous characters and instantly recognizable, from the bride’s broad smile and sparkling engagement ring to the groom’s dashing uniform (complete with tiny sequin orders and medals). We’ve included suggestions for creating a selection of customized guests, too, so you can use your own creativity in putting them together. With a backdrop of Westminster Abbey included, so that you can display your creations in authentic surroundings, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding is funny, cute, and easy enough for even a knitting novice to tackle – go on, get our your needles and help your favourite royals tie the knot!”

How about an old favourite, the Tea Towel:

This wonderful wedding souvenir 100% cotton tea towel made in China for UK distribution is available exclusively to you for just $25 on Trademe.co.nz

Finally, the best gift of all. Will and Kate teabags. These were designed by Donkey Creative Lab in Germany. For just €4.95, you get 2 tea bags in an envelope.

As they say, “tea is always a great gift – no matter what occasion. And with the appropriate greeting card, it is elegantly framed for any event”.

Now you can teabag both of them to your heart’s content… Enjoy!


About stevehollier

Steve Hollier is the editor of AZ Magazine, an English language lifestyle magazine based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He began his career working for a firm of stockbrokers in the City of London then went on to attend the University of Essex where he was awarded an MA in Sociology in 1984. After a career in arts and cultural development work, he became a freelance arts consultant, writer and photographer.
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2 Responses to William and Catherine: The top-five worst memorabilia

  1. magsx2 says:

    I never stopped being amazed at what people come up with to make money, I just can’t get over the prices of these things, it’s astonishing. I had a good laugh at the condoms, and to think they sold out, that made me laugh even harder. 🙂

  2. scary azeri says:

    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂 do check out the video I added today. could not resist.

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