Strange but True: Teapot Worshipper Jailed

Joanna Sugden of The Daily Telegraph writes:

A Sharia court jailed a woman in Malaysia for joining a ‘teapot worshipping cult’ The Daily Telegraph reports.

The Teapot Temple

The Sky Cult Kingdom (pictured) was distroyed by the Malaysian government in 2005 for being “heretical”.

“For the eccentric sect, which emphasised ecumenical dialogue between religions, the teapot symbolised the purity of water and ‘love pouring from heaven’.”

Kamariah Ali, 57, who was jailed yesterday, fell victim to the apostacy laws in the country which prevent people born as Muslims from converting. Followers of the Sky Kingdom cult believe their leader, Ayah Pin, to be Jesus Christ, the prophet Muhammad, Buddha, and Shiva. They also believe he will return as the imam Mahdi.
This site lists the symbolism of the objects in the Sky Kingdom.
“The Sky Kingdom is said to be a version of similar structures found in the sky. But the structures in the sky are apparently more aesthetically pleasing since they are decorated with diamonds, sapphires, and other gemstones.”

    * Teapot – represents purity of water.
    * Vase – to accept water flowing from the teapot. The vase is said to have healing properties.
    * Well – it supplies water to the teapot.
    * Rumah Bulat – where Ayah Pin meets his guests.
    * Rumah Nasyid – where followers chant.
    * Dewan Perhimpunan (Assembly Hall) – where followers hold gathering and meet Ayah Pin on weekends.
    * Wakaf (Shelter) – place to rest and recuperate
    * Boat – it is said to be Bahtera Nabi Noh (Noah’s Ark)
    * Pathway – to the assembly hall and graveyard
    * Graveyard of Mohamad Ya (Aug. 11, 1950 – Oct. 3, 2003). He was an apostate who conceptualised the design of the structures in the Sky Kingdom based on his “visit” to the Sky Kingdom in the sky. Ayah Pin later build the structures costing more than RM5mil [About $1.3 million].
    * Crescent – symbol for people who do not have any religion including Orang Asli and Orang Bunian.
    * Umbrella – a place for people to take shelter beneath God. It can also be associated with the nine planets in Hinduism”

Another victory for the religion of peace and tolerance…


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